The Spiritual Dimension of Gardening

Gardening rewards me with pleasure, peace, joy, calm, and God

Lavender gayfeather flowers and a butterfly in my garden.

Awe and wonder

I began gardening about 28 years ago. I subscribed to Better Homes & Garden. The spring and summer issues were filled with pages of beautiful gardens and bright flowers of all kinds. One autumn day I purchased a bag of tulip bulbs.

This moment was a God experience.

The next morning the tulips were tightly closed and asleep. Their petals were sprinkled with droplets of morning dew. Simply magical!

My growing love of gardening

My success with the tulips and my God experience with them planted the seed for my growing love of gardening. Little by little, I planted more flower gardens and more kinds of flowers.

Wildflowers, daylilies, marigolds, petunias, daisies from my garden.

Mind, body, and spirit

Gardening has taught me many lessons. I have learned that gardening is hard work but spiritually fulfilling.

As I faithfully care for my gardens, they nurture me spiritually.

The hard work of gardening rewards me with spiritual calm.

A conversation with God

As I plant, weed and water the flowers, l listen to the calming chatter of the birds and I contemplate. I set my worries aside and have a silent conversation with God. The physical activity of gardening is a spiritually soothing exercise.

My wildflowers.


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