The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped Ultrarunner Pamela Chapman Markle

She’s unstoppable and continues to set USA and World Records.

Photo by Spencer Markle

Setting Records in the Year of the Pandemic

While not a fan of virtual races, the 879 miles were good training miles, if not for Badwater and Spartathlon, for the Icarus Florida Ultrafest, which was not cancelled. At the 2019 Icarus events, Pamela set a few records.

Hard on Herself

Not racing for over nine months also affected her body.

Aging, Healing, and Sleep

At age 65, Pamela’s body takes longer to heal after such grueling distances. Her sleep is also affected, “The healing takes longer. It’s harder to sleep as you get older. It’s very hard to get a full 8 hour sleep. I think it’s aging.”

Motivation and Nutrition

Having someone to pass during a race is a great motivator for Pamela. “Otherwise, I would run slower forever,” she added.

Unstoppable and Grateful

After setting USA and world records in her age group at the 2020 Icarus Ultrafest, Pamela flew back home to Texas, and went to work on Monday. She is retired but works part-time as a nurse anesthetist for plastic surgeons. On Thursday she went for a very slow hour and twenty minute run. and was most likely plotting her 2021 ultras.

Pamela with her husband Spencer


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