Running Ultra Miles for Cancer Caregivers

Why I Ran the 24 Hr 50K+ Solo Challenge and Why I’m Running the Tip to Tip Great Florida Traverse 901 Mile Ultramarathon.

Logging miles at the virtual Tip to Tip Great Florida All The Way 901 Mile Ultra. Photo by Jon Gilbert

Running for Cancer Caregivers

Running as Respite and Self-care

Miles and Donations at the 24 hour 50K+ Solo Challenge

Miles and Donations at Tip to Tip

Runners Raising Money

Runners are known for their charity work and raising money through running.

Running is easy. Fundraising is much harder. But both require require endurance, patience, persistence, and pacing.

Donate and Nominate a Cancer Caregiver

With my husband Jon. He survived stage 4 cancer, is in remission, and continues to pace me on my runs on his Elliptigo.


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