My Journey From Textbook Author to Aspiring Memoirist

Writing a textbook was easy. Writing a memoir is harder.

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Who can tell me what BS means?

I addressed all that a good book proposal requires: the scope and intent of my proposed book, the need for my book, the relevancy and timeliness of my book, my audience, how my book is different from others, why I’m the best person to write it, my competition in the market, and a table of contents.

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On a trail run where I get writing ideas. Photo by Jon Gilbert

The story combines devastating loss and trauma with positivity-plus, endurance, perseverance, faith, and a joy-filled life as a disciplined ultraunner, published author, blogger, and writer.

You need to build a platform.

People from through out the world continue to reach out to me to tell me I give them hope.

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I landed a book contract. I wrote the book all by my lonesome but with tremendous support from the editors and publisher.

I have been building credibility, a portfolio with published pieces related to themes and topics of my memoir, and a social media presence.

From adversity comes strength. Tough times don’t last; tough people do.

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