Life as a Cancer Caregiver

The to-do list that has helped me with my husband’s cancer diagnosis, my caregiver duties, and self-care.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

A positive thinking caregiver will help their spouse/partner to stay positive in their difficult and challenging new journey.

There is no time like the present or the shock of a cancer diagnosis to whip that last will and testament into shape, or to update it.

An emotionally and spiritually strong caregiver will help the patient stay strong.

We need to self-care in order to be physically, mentally, and emotionally there for the cancer patient.

I journal about a lot of things including the ups and downs of cancer caregiving. I journal about my hopes, concerns, frustrations, joys, and all of my blessings.

Don’t give up doing what you enjoy.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Being a caregiver can be lonely and isolating.

We share our caregiving trials and tribulations with open arms.

Sometimes professional help is needed to keep the caregiver from falling apart while trying to keep it together.

I took this picture of the purple platycodon balloon flower. It blooms every year in the same spot.

Caregivers need to be strong and healthy to help their spouse/partner push through and navigate the world of cancer.

Caring for Cancer Caregivers


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