How I Trained for My First 24-Hour Track Ultra & Logged 81 Miles

Running laps on a track is not boring. Every lap is a victory lap.

Training on the high school track. Photo by Jon Gilbert

Ordinary Ultrarunner

Running on a Track

Transitioning to the Track

Running in Wind and Cold

Hydration and Calories

Approaching mile 27.5. Fueling with Nuun hydration & a hamburger. Photo by Jon Gilbert

Miles and Mind Games

Clockwise, Counterclockwise

Run, Walk

Elite Advice

Race Day

Running in sun and in rain. Clockwise: 7am start; 10:30 am; 8: 15 pm; 2:30 am Photo by Jon Gilbert

Every Lap is a Victory Lap

Finished 6th female at the 2019 Dawn to Dusk to Dawn 24 Hour Track Ultra. Photo by Jon Gilbert


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